Soleil: 7 year old. Dark Brown skin, black curly hair, green eyes. Dimpled cheeks. Bright child with a very vivid imagination who loves reading and making up stories about people and places. She believes her mother is a world famous dancer people travel far and wide to watch. She is extremely innocent but her curiosity is leading her to learn about the world she lives in much to her mother’s dismay. 

Raindrop: In her late 20s, flamboyant, very protective of Soleil and shelters her by encouraging her ideas and fantasies but does not believe in them. She wanted to be a ballet dancer before she met Soleil’s father who impregnated her and left her at a young age. She became a stripper to make ends meet for her and Soleil as she was cut off from her deeply religious family because of her choices. 

Pamanda: A muffy from the world of Kodomi. Part stuffed Panda and part human child. Clumsy and funny.

Tony: A muffy. Part elephant part human child, a sort of voice of reason to Soleil. Bossy and a know it all.

Wizelle: the wisest muffy, unphased by the weight of the knowledge he is emotionally stable

Plot: a young girl named Soliel and here mother Raindrop live in a run down apartment above a dairy. To take her mind away from the reality of their impoverished living

zola specs
Superawesome106, 2017

situation Raindrop encourages Soleil’s wild imagination and steals a pair of cat-eyed sunglasses for Soleil on her 7th birthday at a thrift store; she tells Soleil that everything is more brighter and beautiful when she sees through it. The glasses have ‘Kodomi Specs’ inscribed inside the frame and is actually a device into the parallel universe of Kodomi. Soleil is transcended into this universe whenever she wears the specs. There she meets children with stuffed animal faces, fantastic creatures and magic where everything is fun and bliss. The Emogs are great big intelligent but sad looking beasts that have been awoken by the arrival of Soleil. Their whispers lead children into darkness and loss of innocence, forcing them to leave Kodomi and find a place in the real world. Soleil must decide whether to stay and help fix the world of Kodomi or return to her life on the Strip with her mother.

Setting: Set in a dystopian future Auckland- a dirty city disguised in bright neon signs and lights where there is constant crime. The alternate universe of Kodomi is introduced through here.

Style: Child, fantasy, street culture

Theme: the loss of innocence/the fight to keep innocence.


-The Central Location (parallel universes)

  • A Fictional or real place?
  • The city or town or village in which the story takes place?
  • Where are we focusing particularly?
  • Time period setting?

-Buildings or other physical Features

-The Flora and Fauna

  • Any natural features?
  • Fictional or real?

-The Main Intelligent Inhabitants

  • humans? fictional creatures? animals? aliens?

  -Government System

-History, Customs, Culture




Superawesome106, 2017. SA106 Color Mirror Flat Lens Wire Rim Large Cat Eye Sunglasses. Retrieved from https://www.superawesome106.com/products/color-mirror-flat-lens-wire-rim-large-cateye-sunglasses





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