-The Central Location 

  • the Strip: Soleil and Raindrop predominantly live on the worst strip of the entire Auckland city – ‘Jay Road’ or ‘the Strip’ an almost bohemian like street home to strip clubs, bars, the homeless, thrift stores, addicts and sex workers. Not a child friendly place. They live in a run down apartment above a dairy across from ‘The Castle’, the strip club where Raindrop works.
  • Kodomi -a fictional world:Whenever Soleil puts her Kodomi Specs on she is transported to the land of Kodomi. Here the land is far more unique and different to the one she lives in.

-Buildings or other physical Features

The people – muffies – live in mural decorated silos the city is built like a carnival with the slides and roller coasters serving as transport, rides and attractions serving as places to hangout, socialise, eat and play.

-The Flora and Fauna

  • The city is surrounded by a literal sea of stars known as ‘starsea’ home to rainbow, gold  and silver fish with large white or black seahorses that serve as transport over its waters. There are flies (Hehes: flying giggling bugs resembling fireflies that release a tickling sensation when they bite, and Pauafly – paua shell coloured butterflies) and hoppers. Indigo, violet and Magenta crawlies and hoppers. The only flora we see is in the Green House attraction where the entire house is made of green vines and bush, flowers of all colours and most of the insects reside. Muffies go here to swing from the vines for fun, their falls cushioned by the extensive flowerbeds below .

-The Main Intelligent Inhabitants

  • Muffies: part stuffed animals and part child. Every muffy has the face of a stuffed animal some having either the hands and feet and tails associated with that animal while others don’t. They refer to their human features, and Soleil as a Chummy. They are friendly, happy and loving animals but still have their own unique characteristics and personalities at the end of the day. They are unaware of the terrible truths behind the history of their world and only know that the big beasts called Emogens sleep in the deepest darkest part of the starsea and have never been allowed to surface, as the Wizelle (an owl looking muffy, the keeper of all unhappy things) the world of Kodomi would cease to exist should they awake because the knowledge they have would shatter the world of Kodomi as the Muffies know it and leave them in complete darkness and emotional chaos. Muffies turn into Emogs if they become sad or depressed and encountering any unhappy news for too long without healing fudge will result in their transformation.
  • Emogs:  They are adult sized hunched beasts with sagging grey hair that walk like they are dragging their feet behind them. Their mouths are turned down as though they are sad or upset and they seek to capture Muffies and whisper upsetting things in their ears in order to bring back the former world of complete darkness that existed before Kodomi. They only harbour anger, sorrow and sadness.

  -Government System, rules/laws

  • Only the innocent minded and hearted people are allowed here so mostly only children are able to visit the world of Kodomi
  • Joy is the common goal of everyday for Muffies and any pain and hurt is tended to immediately with healing fudge and candy

-History, Customs, Culture

Before muffies and Kodomis there only lived Emogens and evil creatures who lived in darkness. (to be developed)


There is no Heirarchy aside from the fact that those who hold more knowledge has power. In this case Wizelle is them most powerful one that all the Muffies look to as a sort of leader although he like every other Muffy spends his days playing and having fun.


  • The entire city runs on the joy of the Muffies. Should they all lose their joy their entire world would cease to exist.
  • Kodomi Specs is the only form of transport into the world of Kodomi. Any item of clothing from Kodomi or accessory from the world of Kodomi works as a portal in the real world when worn.
  • This magic does not work on adults or those who are not innocent in mind or heart.
  • Healing fudge and candy takes away any sadness, anger or pain a Muffy might have. They come from the House of Yum that generates a never ending supply of food and candy for Muffies.

5 thoughts on “WEEK 7

  1. Your work is thorough and I’m already enjoying your work regarding to the plot and characters as well as the process for developing your settings for a fictional world. I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of reading books with the genre that contains anything about magic – I prefer watching films in that genre like the movie you analysed – Harry Potter. I actually struggled to read the Harry Potter settings. However, even though your setting structure for a fictional world includes magic but in a sense to me it doesn’t feel like magic but instead to me feels like a wild imagination of a little girl – which basically is. I believe this is why I’m genuinely interested in your work and excited to see your project through! I literally have nothing else to note on, as I can clearly see you’re already on top of things. This sounds like a lot of work so keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Elisabeth, definitely finding that research and building my own fictional world is alot of work indeed. But what I have learnt in learning about the creative process of J.K Rowling with Harry Potter that it is important for a writer to know every little detail about their world. She explained that there is some comfort in knowing that the writer knows what they are talking about when introducing their world to a reader and I agree as I think details help to imagine the FW much more clearly. I have to admit that a lot of these explainations may not actually make it into my final product of a short story because it’s not a long novel like that of any Harry Potter novels but hopefully the essence of this FW I’m developing will come through in the end.


  2. Looks like you have put in a lot of ground work, which is great. I’m looking forward to reading your story.
    I notice you haven’t posted anything for Week 8 yet… be careful not to get too far behind!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Teresa,

    It has been so interesting to see how your story has developed so far over your first three weeks of work. It is such an interesting concept for a children’s story and I love how you have taken inspiration from your own life and experiences when creating the cityscape your story is set in and the characters and creatures that inhabit it.

    You seem to have done a lot of research on the different aspects of your story from names to other inspirations for world building, which is really nice to see as many writers I know of tend to forgo in-depth research and planning.

    It’s really awesome work you’ve done so far, I can’t wait to see your story develop more and see more of your work.


    Liked by 1 person

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