Notes about the world of Narnia:

  • The youngest main character Lucy stumbles upon the world of Narnia while hiding in wardrobe in her uncle’s house during a game of hide-and-seek with her siblings. This serves as a portal into this alternate universe of Narnia.
  • Initially we are introduced to a snowy winter forest like landscape. But we go onto find that Narnia is filled with lush green hills and normal weather with features resembling winter, spring and summer.
  • Horses and carraiges in use for transport.
  • Midevil type clothes
  • Knights and armour, swords, bows and arrows used for weaponary in battle or protection.
  • The world of Narnia is very mountainous and surrounded but nature, rivers and oceans. Dwellings and furniture all resemble that of which would be from a midevil era.
  • Inhabitants vary from mythical creatures to talking animals and beasts, witches and dwarves, while some are half animal and half human.
  • Aslan is the King of this world and responsible for creating everything and everyone in it.
  • There some invented plants and fauna that hold healing abilities and others.



Kodomi Specs. There is magic alone in whatever method is used to transport between worlds in many of the fantasy worlds I have found. With Harry Potter I found that the strength of bzola specselief in another world lying behind a brick wall while running at it is fuelled by unexplainabe magic as well as the Wardrobe depicted in the story of ‘the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. I like the concept of seeing the world through the eyes of someone else and I feel that a pair of glasses is a literal symbol of that – putting on the eyes of an innocent child. This image here I have found is the closest to what I imagine Kodomi Specs to be. They have double layered lenses with the inner lense having a blue tint and the outer lense having a yellow lense that can be flipped out so the user can only see through the blue lense – the blue lense is used for return into the real world. Both lenses in use create the green lense that leads to the world of Kodomi. The experience of wearing the Kodomi Specs is not purely mental one but a very physical one – the person wearing these is physically transported there. It works like a key into the world of Kodomi and so does not have to be worn after transport in either world. Like Rowling and Lewis’ portals I wanted there to be some sort of rule for the magic of this device to work and that is based on the pureness of heart and innocence of the user. So the specs are not only a gateway between worlds but ultimate decision maker in who is allowed into the world of Kodomi.


One thought on “WEEK 8

  1. Hi Teresa, you’re work up to now has been very thorough and clearly expressed that it hasn’t left me confused on what you’re doing. I also see that you’re keeping on track with your work and doing exactly what you’re setting out from your project proposal. I’m excited to see your work come to life, keep up the good work!


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