Notes from Narnia film:

  • A war – an attack on their homes
  • Edmund rebellious
  • kids are evacuated
  • the kids are brought to professors house
  • A rainy day kids play hide and seek in the house
  • Lucy finds wardrobe and ends up in snowy forest
  • first sees a lamp with light on
  • comes across the faun Mr Tumnus
  • He tells her this is NARNIA everything from the lamp post to the Castle Cair Paraval
  • Mr Tumnus lives inside a big cliff/boulder
  • Tumnus plays a flute – a Narnia lullaby tune
  • Lucy sees images dancing in the fire
  • Lucy falls asleep
  • Tumnus realises he shouldn’t hand over Lucy to white witch and helps her escape
  • Lucy returns to real world where no time has passed though she been in NARNIA for hours
  • Lucy returns in the middle of the night to the wardrobe
  • Edmund follows after her discovers Narnia for himself
  • Ed meets the white witch
  • The Witch uses magic liquid from vile to conjure drink and Turkish delight for Edmund
  • Witch wants to meet the rest of his siblings
  • Ed tells witch about Mr Tumnus who helped Lucy
  • Professor believes Lucy tells them to believe her all the kids end up in the wardrobe and in Narnia when running from the Professor for breaking window while playing cricket
  • They all discover Mr Tumnus has been arrested when find his house ransacked
  • Ed plotting to turn his siblings in for treats
  • they meet Mr and Mrs Beaver
  • they first hear of Aslan from beavers
  • Aslan: King of Narnia, been away for a long while
  • They are part of a prophecy – 2 daughters of eve and 2 sons of Adam will help win the war and restore Narnia to freedom
  • Edmund goes to white witch and meets Morgan the wolf
  • Ed taken captive
  • Wolves hunt down the siblings
  • talking fox helps siblings
  • Tumnus frozen by the witch
  • Siblings meet Santa on the run who gives them weapons and gifts to help them
  • They meet Aslan
  • Aslan’s army is animals, centaurs, winged creatures and a mixed animals
  • Aslan sacrifices himself to the white witch for Ed and his people
  • Witch has beastly monstrous creatures and animals for followers
  • Aslan resurrects breaking curse of the stone table slain on
  • Aslan’s army win the war
  • The witch is killed
  • Everyone injured and frozen brought back to life and healed
  • Sibs are dubbed kings and queens by aslan
  • Sibs have all grown into adults in Narnia and come across the lamp post by the wardrobe entry
  • They enter and come back into real world where time has not passed
  • Professor has just found them and wants to hear all about their time in the Wardrobe

You can find my first draft on my world of Kodomi so far in downloadable link below:

First Draft


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