We are introduced to a very imaginative and optimistic Soleil and her single working mother in a rundown apartment above a dairy.

It’s Soleil’s 7th birthday and they go to her favourite thrift store on the Strip

Raindrop encounters a drunk client and holds her own but Soleil is forced to watch the encounter but Soleil deflects the situation by imagining she is on a treasure hunt

Soleil is drawn to a cool retro looking pair of sunglasses

They leave the store with Soleil dressed in a new outfit from her favourite store wearing the sunglasses on her head.

The realities of the street they live on become all too real for Raindrop who tries her best to hide it all from Soleil with men whistling and hooting at Raindrop as they pass by.

Soleil is frightened when they pass her Mommy’s work and a girl is thrown out on the side of the footpath by Mommy’s boss the Big Man.

Desperate, Raindrop tries to help Soleil forget what she has just seen by telling Soleil that her new sunglasses help her see everything differently. Everything looks better when she looks through the glasses.

The Big Man tells Raindrop that she must work immediately now because they just lost an employee and Soleil takes off to her spot on the top of Mr Xian’s roof saddened her Mommy will not be spending her entire birthday with her.

Soleil can see the entire strip from her perch and all its true ugliness begins to slowly dawn on her. Remembering what her Mommy told her Raindrop finally puts on her new sunglasses and she is transported into Kodomi.


Kodomi first meets Pamanda in a patch of purple dandelions by a sea of stars

Pamanda tells her they must go meet the Wizelle who lives in the tallest silo  in the heart of Kodomi.

She meets another muffy named Tony on the way.

Once at Wizelle’s silo, Wizelle explains that she can take of the Kodomi Specs now, she can return at any time when she sees though the blue lenses.

Wizelle had expected her and so did most of the muffies who hadn’t felt such a rumble with their last visitor.

Wizelle senses the tinge of sadness in Soleil’s eyes in thinking about her mother and gives her healing fudge.

Soleil is instantly happy and goes exploring the rest of Kodomi enjoying the magical attractions and rides and amazing scenery and features.

Muffies from all over Kodomi come to play and celebrate with Soleil, they bring her all sorts of unusual gifts.

Not long after the healing fudge begins to wear off and Soleil remembers her Mommy again. She tells her friends she must go back home to her as she might be looking for her.

Just before she can leave great big beasts ascend upon the dandelion shores from beneath the starseas. Awakened by the rumble of Kodomi at Soleil’s arrival.

Muffies are beginning to cry and look sad and the lights in Kodomi world are starting to dim because of the Emogens’ whispers.

Wizelle inform Soleil and her friends that those great big beasts are called Emogens who whisper sad and mean things in the Muffies’ ears.

Emogens are destroying the World of Kodomi and its people.

Soleil, Pamanda, Tony and Wizelle try to cheer the Muffies up but not even the healing fudge can break them out of their depressive state.

Disheartened Soleil wants to wake from her dream for real now as she does not know what to do.

Soleil realises that the Emogens aren’t all that scary to her and listens to its whispers. Soleil is saddened… but for the Emogen.

Remembering every encouraging beautiful word her mother ever taught her Soleil realises she must whisper these same things in the Emogens ears and tells her friends to do the same to the other Emogens.

The Emogens begin to lift in spirit – their fur begin to yellow and glow.

They begin to whisper the good things they have heard in the muffies ears and their joy is returned and the light in Kodomi begins to brighten and the attractions and rides begin to run again.

Soleil must decide to leave her new friends or return home to her Mommy as Wizelle informs her the Kodomi specs can only work for one more travel but remembers that her Mommy needs a little joy too and thus returns.


Soleil arrives back home on the rooftop of Xian’s dairy. Mrs Xian is sitting in the living room watching the telly. Where no time has passed.

Her mother arrives through the door and announces that she is going to give Soleil the best birthday present ever by deciding that they are leaving the Strip and returning to her parents who live by the ocean. She promises to enrol her in school.




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